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Elder Law & Estate Planning
We assist individuals and families in planning their estates whether it is the
preparation of a simple will or more involved trust planning documents.  Plans
involve not only estate tax reducing measures, but also protecting the estate
during life.  We prepare wills and trusts designed to reduce or eliminate federal
estate taxes, powers of attorney drafted to permit the effective management of
assets and personal affairs, and advance medical directives (a/k/a living wills)
giving instructions to health care providers in the event of incapacity.  Various
kinds of revocable and irrevocable trusts are also prepared, if appropriate.

Probate and Trust Administration
We also advise heirs and fiduciaries on the process of probating estates.  
Probate administration includes filing the petition for appointment of the
executor, preparing and filing the inventory of estate assets and debts, paying
the decedent's debts, distributing assets, filing tax returns, and filing an account
with the Probate Court.

Medicaid Planning and Medicaid Applications
We assist clients and their families in exploring all their long-term care financing
options and evaluate whether legal asset planning is appropriate.  For each
client, a comprehensive evaluation of the client's unique family and financial
situation is made.  Planning recommendations are offered that are designed to
provide assets to pay for all needed care while preserving the client's estate for
his/her surviving spouse and heirs to the maximum extent possible.  In addition
to planning for the possibility of long-term disability, we advise clients and their
families after such disability occurs.  Medicaid and other needs-based public
benefit eligibility rules change almost daily; as they become increasingly
complex there are pitfalls for the unwary, but there are also opportunities for the
astute planner.  We can prepare, with the client's assistance, the Medicaid
application itself and see it through the often lengthy approval process.

Disability and Special Needs Planning
We also help clients with disabilities plan for their long-term needs.  We advise
parents and other family members who wish to provide for disabled family
members while preserving eligibility of Medicaid/SSI and other public benefits.  
We provide planning options, draft special needs trusts and other documents
as appropriate, and advise trustees on issues of trust administration.

Guardianship and Fiduciary Services
The Law Firm represents people seeking guardianship of relatives who can no
longer handle their own affairs.  We also represent proposed wards who may
object to the guardianship.  The Law Firm also serves as guardian or agent
under a power of attorney.

Nursing Home Issues
State and federal laws provide legal protection to residents of nursing homes.  
The Law Firm has been successful in utilizing the various nursing home laws to
advocate on behalf of clients residing in nursing homes.  When necessary, the
Law Firm initiates legal action to protect the client's right.

Will Contests and Guardianship Disputes
The Law Firm also represents litigating parties involved in will contests,
guardianship disputes and other estate litigation.

Veteran Benefits
The Law Firm helps Veterans and their families by making sure that they are
aware of and utilize all of the benefits that they  are entitled to.  Too often,
Veterans go without services they need  because they are unaware of benefits
they have earned through their service.  One example is the Aid and
Assistance  (A&A) benefit, which is designed to assist aging Veterans and their
surviving spouses pay for care at home, in assisted living facilities, or in nursing

Public Engagement
The Law Firm also conducts, or participates in seminars and workshops on a
wide variety of Elder Law, estate planing and family law topics. Click
here to
sign up for a workshop.
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